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IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 Activity – teacher's notes. Description. An activity Students are then asked to write an essay and to analyse two sample scripts. Master IELTS Essays. Academic and General Training Writing Task 2. By Ebrahim Tahassoni. Cambridge CELTA (Pass B), Sussex Downs CertTESOL ( Merit). An IELTS essay is structured like any other essay; you just need to make it to be able to write your introduction fairly quickly so you can start writing your body.

I took the exam a couple of days ago. However, I used 2 papers for my task 2, which I forgot to put a page number on top. Will that affect my grade? Im kinda freaking out hehe. I doubt anything significant will happen to you or your score. Sir, Is there any difference between essay structure asking Do you agree or disagree and to what extent do you agree or disagree?? No, there is no difference between these questions and you can approach them the same way. If you make a balanced argument, keep in mind that you should NOT argue that both sides are equally good or equally bad.

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You must take a position and choose the side you think is best. Make this argument clear in your thesis statement in the introduction. Yes, there is a difference. In the GRE, for example, you must take one side and make a strong argument for it. As long as you show that you understood the prompt and respond to it, these nuances are not as important as showing your ability to write clearly in English!

Hi Anu! You are free to use examples from your life and experience on Task 2, so long as the examples you choose fit the question prompt. If so, please say more about what you have in mind.

Saves me a lot of time! The explanations are clear and thorough. Thank you so much. Hi Eliot , your blog really helped me a lot.

When we are asked to discuss both sides and give our opinion, can I write my opinion in the conclusion paragraph instead of writing separate paragraph before conclusion. Thanks in advance. It is not ideal to end an essay with new information in this case, your opinion which is why we recommend the opinion coming before the conclusion.

But if you are in a situation where you truly feel this is better, you can definitely pull it off. What is right?

Thanks Vera. The two body paragraphs allow you to write about both sides of the issue and show your thought process. Thanks for the tips! I do have a few questions. Also, when you are writing different examples to support a claim you make, can the different examples be in the same paragraph?

There is no one correct answer here—the purpose of Task 2 is to show that you can write well in English. Yes—you can use one paragraph to show how you agree pros and another paragraph to show how you might not agree cons. In the brainstorm example we gave in this blog post, the person mostly agreed with the prompt, but also provided some reasons against the prompt. Each body paragraph should be a different major idea or claim.

If you have time, you can write several examples in one paragraph as long as they all relate to the same claim. I have a question for you if you could reply me i would be thankful.

My question is that may i learn some essay by heart like 40 or 50 essay? Thanks for reaching out! Instead of spending your time trying to memorize essays, you should use your time to improve your general writing ability, understand the strategy associated with how to write an essay, and practice as much as possible.

This is what is really going to help you improve! The templates that we provide you with here are useful because they will help you to organize your essay. I am very much confused about example that is asked to give in task II. How example can be mentioned? Another question is supposed there is statement related to agree or disagree, can we partial for it?

The purpose of task 2 is to show that you can express your ideas clearly in written English. In the second task, you should try to find examples that support your point.


You can think of things logically or from your personal life that you can use to make your argument. In the example essay, the author agrees in the first paragraph but disagrees in the second paragraph. In the conclusion, the author discusses both sides and makes his point clearly.

The best way to get used to this is just to write as much as possible! Hi sir, i would like you to give me a feedback on this introduction of mine which is answer to your example in the video.

In order to develop it, i would come up with some suggestions in altering it. I believe that these points will benefit to enhance my home land. Unfortunately, we are a small team with a lot of projects, and we are not able to provide personalized feedback on writing. There are many different forums and other places where you can find people willing to edit your essays. Best of luck! I have written the IELTS academic test twice and even though I receive good marks for speaking, listening and reading, I have received 6.

But the second time I completed it all with the right amount of words and paragraphs. However, there are still plenty of ways that you can improve on this score! First, I recommend that you look over any practice essays that you wrote, especially timed ones that you wrote right before the exam.

If possible, have a friend or tutor with a high English level look over your essays and provide some feedback. You should also definitely continue to write as many practice essays as possible and analyze each one. This should give you a good sense of what you need to improve and how you can do it. The more you practice and analyze your essays, the more you will improve!

I finished both writing tasks on time. After reading your blog, I noticed that each question type should have a specific number of body paragraphs? All I know is, you should have 4 paragraphs in your writing. I followed these during my actual exam. On my second paragraph, I stretched all the advantages to people living these days in terms of modernisation and globalisation and the negative effect it brings as well.

On my third paragraph, I wrote about the claims of older people that life before were simpler and and stress free however there are disadvantages too.

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Finally, on my concluding part, I wrote about my side, that living nowadays offers a better quality of life due to improvised technology and new discoveries. Do you think I made a complicated writing? I also wish we could take our writing results with comments and corrections from the examiner who checked my paper so that I can diligently improve the parts that I missed.

Thanks for sharing your experience! Based on your description, you set up your essay in a good way, but you may want to analyze some of your practice essays and ask others to analyze them, perhaps some teachers in your school in order to get some feedback about what you wrote.

I recommend that you keep practicing the essays and keep analyzing your results so that you can continue to improve! According to this information from the British Council , you can use either a pen or a pencil.

You should confirm the test-day requirements with your testing center. Remember that handwriting and read-ability affect your score, so make sure that you are completely comfortable using a pen if you decide to bring one! Greatly simplified article.

I want to ask something. Should I write more than one points in a body paragraph? Same in paragraph 2. Hi Chintan! Yes, you may include more than one point in a paragraph in the way you described. Please find the introduction for the essay question you have given in the video. Please do examine this and give the corrections or improvements. Given an opportunity, I would bring certain changes to my hometown, thereby adding glory to the glorious city.

First, you want to make sure that you really are paraphrasing the original question. How can you express the idea of making your home town a better place with less repetitive language?

Remember, your introduction should actually be two sentences. You want an initial sentence that paraphrases the question, and you have written that. But then you what a thesis statement that previews and summarizes the specific answers you have to the question.

So you should add a second, follow-up sentence that briefly explains how and why you would change your hometown in order to improve it. Feel free to revise the first sentence and add a second sentence as I mentioned above. If you put your new, revised introduction in the comments section, my colleagues and I will give you further feedback on it.

This is a pretty good introduction. Here is my introduction: There are some crucial things that I would like to alter of my home town to ameliorate the living and environment condition.

I would suggest to reduce or eliminate the enormous traffic jam from the street and I believe if the excessive traffic jam is reduced, our precious time to reach destination would be saved as well as environment pollution would be lessen. In terms of content, this is an excellent introduction. It also puts forth your main idea and supporting details: In terms of wording, however, there are a few problems you should fix.

Is it fine if word limit exceeds words or should it be kept below ? Also, I am not sure about which examples can be quoted… should it be related to real life experiences or mentioning of any anonymous survey can suffice the purpose.

Good questions. Please let me know if you had something else in mind. For Task 1 Academic and General Training , you should not write a lot more than the requirement. Writing too much will use valuable time you can spend editing your composition. It also steals time you could use to work on your Task 2 response, which counts more towards your overall writing score. I suggest shooting for — words for Task 1. You should be able to cover the required information very easily if you hit that mark.

Regarding examples, I believe you are asking about Task 2 here. However, here is the important point about examples: Some IELTS topics have a more personal angle, such as discussing the qualities of a good friend or a good teacher. Other topics are much less personal, such as discussing the environment or social changes over time. Use examples that fit the essay topic and support your main points well. Modifying our own native place to make it the most liveable place is always accepted by people.

Though difficult, few changes can lead to boost the place to be more liveable for instance, good infrastructure, establishment of better educational institutions, emphasising in house production which can prompt to escalate the overall growth of the home town.

Your paraphrasing of the original question is a bit weak.

There are a number of other problems here: With that said, the basic structure of your introduction is good. You start by paraphrasing the question and giving your opinion, and then you go on to give specific examples. Keep that excellent structure as you revise your wording.

The sample essay is pretty good, but to address the child possessive pronoun should be fixed his or her , in the essay it keeps on changing. This is actually a very common convention in English writing, since there is no gender nonspecific pronoun. In fact, it shows even more clearly that the example is general and applies to an entire group! Sorry about that! We are a small team with thousands of students, and in order to keep our prices affordable we decided not to provide essay grading.

It is also useful to get feedback from a tutor, or a friend, classmate or teacher who has good English. I got good score or not? You can certainly score well without specific examples, as long as you answer the question presented by the task and develop your ideas in each paragraph. Examples help you to do this, but you can also do this logically.

Every place could became a better place thanks to some improvements. If I could I rebuild the city where I live adding more parks and green area, but I also would establish some more stringent parking and traffic rules to discipline residentds. Your ideas and basic structure are very good here. You might be strongly on one side or maybe weakly.

I hope this helps! Changes always are good makes life better and comfortable. While I agree it is unwise to leave a place imperfect, however we have many things that should be changed in my hometown.

A lot of students give and receive feedback there! Changes do matter in the present upgraded world. If am allowed to take some measures in the place where i live or in the place where i have stayed before, could be a thought to have discussion. Hi — I am responding to the task 2 introduction as per the video. It was related to the changes I would like to bring about in my hometown.

I belong to a small town of Nanital, in the state of Uttrakhand, India. I like the good range of vocabulary you have here. The grammar is perfect too! With all that said, there are also a few improvements you could make. You want to keep the focus on the idea of a hometown. While paraphrasing the prompt is important, the most important specific terms from the original question should be repeated as-is.

So I would make the opening sentence simpler, just referencing hometowns. I also recommend adding some information to the second sentence. What specific change would you make in relation to the lake? Hello, i wanna thank you for this amazing article, that I found very handy indeed. Is it okay!! If you clearly state your thesis statement, then this sentence may just be repetitive. I would recommend that instead of using a sentence like that, you just clearly state your thesis. The instructions say you should state the extent to which you agree or disagree with a position or positions.

So that should be the main focus of your essay, and some expression of agreement or disagreement should be happening throughout the essay. However, if you expressed parts of your opinion in the body paragraphs, and then summarized your opinion in full int he final paragraph, you still might be able to get a good score.

Ideally, your opinion should be mentioned in some way in every paragraph. But if your introduction was very brief and you expressed at least parts of your opinion in each body paragraph, you might still get a good score. My home town is a small city with bustling streets.

There are lot of improvements has to be made to uplift the city and bring to the standard of rest of the cities. Here is the introduction to the above-mentioned question. Kindly give it a read and let me know your feedback.

Making alterations to their hometown in order to make it a wonderful place is like a dream for a majority of people nowadays. Given an opportunity, I would like to make advancements in my town. This will include the use of metros which will solve the traffic issues to a great extent. In the below paragraphs, I intend to delve into some other improvements that I want to do and the impact these will have on my city.

I like the way you start with broader statement that introduces the topic your first sentence. This is excellent as well. Be careful of your word choices. This word does not fit well when you are talking about changes to an entire city. So it would be better to use a more specific example than that.

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It also might be good to briefly describe specific traffic issues that need to be solved. Magoosh blog comment policy: To create the best experience for our readers, we will only approve comments that are relevant to the article, general enough to be helpful to other students, concise, and well-written! We highly encourage students to help each other out and respond to other students' comments if you can!

If you are a Premium Magoosh student and would like more personalized service from our instructors, you can use the Help tab on the Magoosh dashboard.

Name required. Email will not be published required. The Complete Guide. Table of Contents Click on a section in the table of contents to skip directly to that topic, or continue reading below to start learning all about IELTS Writing Task 2.

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Magoosh Test Prep Expert January 4, at 1: Samitha January 12, at 6: Thanks for your help! Magoosh Test Prep Expert January 16, at Hi Samitha, There is no one correct answer here—the purpose of Task 2 is to show that you can write well in English. Magoosh Test Prep Expert January 20, at 1: Hi Nouman, Thanks for reaching out!

Ranvir January 24, at 9: Magoosh Test Prep Expert January 24, at 7: Hi Ranvir, The purpose of task 2 is to show that you can express your ideas clearly in written English. Suvam sigdel February 3, at 3: Thanks for your enormous support. Really helped! Magoosh Test Prep Expert February 5, at 1: Lakhana February 4, at 1: Any advise would be lovely. Magoosh Test Prep Expert February 12, at Sasa March 2, at 2: Question 1: To what extent do you agree?

What do you think are the causes for this? What possible solutions can you suggest? These can seem like complicated topics which require more than 40 minutes of your attention.

However, developing a vocabulary with a structure in place can be of great help in such situations. It is important to build your vocabulary and it is also necessary to structure your essay as follows:. This helps the examiner establish your stand or thoughts on an issue. Here is some vocabulary to help you get started on any essay topic-.

This paragraph should be divided into more than one paragraph. The main body should continue in line with the introduction, detailing out the reasons for your opinion, supporting it with relevant examples and explanation.

Vocabulary you can use for it is:. The second paragraph should either continue in support of the previous argument or present a contrasting view, depending on what the question details out for you to do.

Vocabulary you can use. This paragraph should focus on summarising your line of thought. A short crisp ending which concludes the whole argument in whatever way is required.

Vocabulary for the conclusion can be:. Well reading the above way of creating an essay might have taught you some good things but at the same time we have some bonus tips that you can readily make use of. Read the question really well. You could be asked to do any of the above types of questions.

Make sure you sound like an academic when arguing and avoid using overtly passionate language like I hate or I would not like. Do not write in one big paragraph, make sure you break up each section while keeping in mind the cohesiveness of the essay.

IELTS Exam Writing Samples

Try not to repeat yourself even when trying to reiterate an idea. Use different terms or angles if you feel the need to reiterate in any way. Take 5 to 10 minutes to plan the essay before you start writing it.Task Response Analysis: This essay follows the task requirements quite well.

Given an opportunity, I would like to make advancements in my town. I would suggest this solution to the problem. Buvana July 9, at 7: Thank you in advance. Firstly, it is because love is such a strong bond between two persons who have their own lives, and become one.

I got good score or not? Discuss both points and give your own opinion. Magoosh Test Prep Expert August 31, at

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