The Book of Shadows is primarily a witch's diary. It is where This is Witchipedia's online Book of Shadows serving as a reference for all of our visitors . You are. We welcome new submissions for the Internet Book of Shadows from the Neopagan community. Please write us if you have new material you want to contribute. This is the online version of My personal Book of Shadows. I will give credit where it is due, but most of this will be my own opinions and views on my Religio. .

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A book of shadows is your personal witchcraft book, not an ancient book of spells . Welcome to our Dark BoS. Here you will find a dark version of our BoS, but BE WARNED THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN and be warned that when doing. Apr 23, Explore Lauren Tabor's board "Online Book of Shadows" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Witchcraft, Book of shadows and Bruges.

Magic Spells

Some people choose instead to use a simple bound notebook, and just add to the back of it as they discover new items. If you find a rite, spell or piece of information somewhere else, be sure to note down the source.

It will help you keep things straight in the future, and you'll start to recognize patterns in authors' works.

This way, when you get a chance to share information with others, you'll remember what you've read. Keep in mind that as our technology is constantly changing, the way we use it does too. There are plenty of people who keep their BOS completely digitally on a flash drive, their laptop, or even stored virtually to be accessed by their favorite mobile device.

A BOS pulled up on a smartphone is no less valid than one copied by hand in ink onto parchment. You may want to use one notebook for information copied from books or downloaded off the Internet, and another for original creations.

Your Book of Shadows

Regardless, find the method that works best for you, and take good care of your Book of Shadows. What to Include in Your Book of Shadows When it comes to the contents of your personal BOS, there are a few sections that are nearly universally included. Laws of Your Coven or Tradition: Believe it or not, magic has rules. This may include a variation on the Wiccan Rede , or some similar concept.

However, many Wiccans dedicate themselves to a God or Goddess long before they become part of a coven. This is a good place to write out who you are dedicating yourself to, and why. Your BOS is a good place to keep legends and myths and even artwork concerning your Deity.

But how do you make a Book of Shadows? Some people like to have a fancy journal with an embossed cover and a lock, while others are happy to decorate a plain black notebook.

It's even possible to download a dedicated blank Book of Shadows online.

These days, some Wiccans choose to keep their Book of Shadows on an electronic device, and, as mentioned above, some even publish theirs online. For example, you might want to write down a particular incantation or new ritual sequence on separate paper first and try it out before committing it to your Book of Shadows.

The Wiccan Book of Shadows: A Modern Grimoire. Now, what and how you write in your BOS is completely up to you. However, this next section deals with the sections that are almost universal for Wiccans and Witches.

Dark Book Of Shadows

Guidelines and rules: Your coven or traditions laws: Yes, there is rules in magic. Preferably in the front of the book.

What you think is acceptable behavior. Trust me, you will need this.

This section of the book is also a good place to write down the Wiccan rede. Dedication: If you have been initiated into a coven, you can put a copy of your initiation ceremony here.

If you are not in a coven yet or already dedicated yourself to a god or a goddess, this section is a good place to write that down. This section of your BOS is also a good place to write down legends about your gods and if possible, artwork or images.

If you find a text that has a special meaning for you, write it down. Many witches also use this section to write down chants and old prayers. Your Tables: As a witch that does Magick and spellcasting, your correspondence tables are or will be some of your most important tools.

It can be phases of the moon, different colors and meanings, herbs etc. They all have different purposes and as time goes by, it can be very hard to remember everything. Keeping charts in your BOS makes all of this information handy when you need it.

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What they look like and what you can use them for. One of the key elements in spellcasting is herbalism. Plants has been used for thousands upon thousands of years by people.

With time, you will use plants and herbs for healing, spell-casting, cleansing and much much more.This will make it easier to find them. If you want one from day one, you can.

Not only does this transfer energy to you the writer but it also helps you remember the rituals. If you've got access to a tablet, laptop, or phone, you can absolutely make a digital Book of Shadows! You can start your Book of Shadows whenever you are ready. However your Book of Shadows should be a reflection of your path, your journey and your personality. I had always read--and assumed--that they were strickly for your spells and rituals, and while your own spells and rituals make it personal, journal entries and your special recipes make it that much better!

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