Getting your site books to Apple iPad or iPhone is no big deal. It takes only a few minutes. The reason is not only how the app is designed. It's actually simpler and easier to use than other book-reading applications. site app for. Here's a quick and simple on how to fix a site ebook that's not downloading. If the book or the app that you were trying to download doesn't.

site Book Will Not To Ipad

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I have an iPad 2 and the site app, and for years have had no problems They show up in my site library if I'm online but will NOT download and it says to. The site app on your iPad gives you access to your entire My book downloaded to my Android site, but it will not show up on my iPad. If the update has messed with your books then you're possibly not the BTW, I updated my iPad and the site app and I am not having any.

It only takes a second or so for it to show it's not downloading either book. It's obvious by that that it doesn't even TRY to download them. Over on the right side of my library is the X in a circle showing next to each of those two books, whereas the 18 already downloaded books have a circle with a check mark in them. Not that I think this helps any.

They of course also have the black band across them which says "new. The photos of the front of each of the two books has them barely there, very dark, with a partial arrowed circle in the middle of each photo, obviously meaning to retry again. It's pointless to retry. Post the title to one of the books.

Are you sure you're connected to WiFi? How much space is available on the iPad? You're using an iPad 2nd gen? What version of the site app? That's an older iPad It could be a compatibility issue. Hopefully, since my iPad2 only goes to IOS 9. Have had it happen on my Fire tablets never on my Samsung tablet. If, after a couple retry attempts, they do not download I simply click on the X to stop the attempted download and come back another time. For me, at least, they always download.

Last night two books that I got around midnight didn't show up until about 10AM this morning Solution to site's inadequate tech support - stop downloading their products I tried clicking on the X next to each undownloaded book but as yet they haven't changed when I again "deliver" them to my site library.

This is beyond ridiculous. Have you tried restarting your wifi router? Even if it's working fine with other devices, communications issues between a router and one particular device are not uncommon. No, I've done nothing about restarting our wifi router.

I'm no techie and would need to wait until my husband gets home from work tonight to ask him about doing this. We have both wifi and wired internet and only our iPads are connected to our wifi. I went to deregister my iPad from site and the warning was that if I deregistered it, all of my already downloaded content would be removed.

Too scary. Just unplug the router, wait 20 seconds or so, then plug it back in and wait a few minutes for it to come back online. You might want to contact customer support by phone or chat.

They can walk you through some troubleshooting steps in real-time. Although you can browse through and read site Unlimited books through the site app, you cannot download site books, because Apple limits what can be sold through an app. As a workaround, use the Safari web browser and go directly to site. After you download the book through the web browser, open the site app and read it. It should populate within a minute or so; the site app must download it before you're ready to read it.

While you are reading a book, tap anywhere on the page to reveal a menu across both the top and the bottom of the iPad's display. The bottom menu is a scroll bar that helps you zip across pages.

This tool is great if you are resuming a book you've already started from another source, like a paper copy of the book. The site app should resume where you left off even if you read it on another device, so you shouldn't need to skip around continue reading from a book you started on your site.

The top menu presents several configuration options. The most important is the font button, which is the button with the "Aa" letters. Through this sub-menu, you can change the font style, the size, the background color of the page, how much white space to leave in the margins, and even change the brightness of the display.

site Reading Apps

The search button, which is a magnifying glass, will let you search the book. The button with three horizontal lines is the menu button.

Use this button to go to a specific page, listen to the audio companion, or read through the table of contents. On the other side of the menu is the share button, which will let you send a text message with the book's link to a friend, a bookmark of annotations, the x-ray feature that brings up information about the page including definitions of some of the terms , and a bookmark button.


Select the iPad version of the site app. Tap the "Get" button next to the site App in the iPad section of the search results.

Tap "Install". Open the site app. This icon automatically appears once the app has been successfully downloaded. Register your iPad to your site account.

Master your iPhone in one minute a day:

Enter your site username and password and tap the Sign In button. Tap the "Cloud" tab at the bottom of the screen. This will show all of the site downloads associated with your account. If you haven't made any downloads yet, this screen will be blank.

Click here for instructions on downloading new site content. Click here for instructions on adding non-site documents to your site account so that you can download them on your iPad. Tap the cover of a book to begin downloading it to your iPad. You can see all of your downloaded site books in the "Devices" tab. Open your iPad's Safari web browser. You cannot download content through the site app due to Apple Store restrictions; you'll need to use site's website instead.

Start from your iPad's Home screen and tap on the Safari icon. Go to the site Store. Enter site. You'll need to tap the address bar first in order to enter text into it.

How to import my site books to iPad

Sign in to your site account if prompted. Enter your site account information email address and password and tap "Sign in using our secure server. Browse site books. You can search for specific titles, authors or keywords using the search bar at the top of the screen, check out current deals and bestsellers, and more. To see more information about a product, tap on the title to go to the product detail page. download the book.

From the product detail page, tap "download," and then "Read now. Once you've downloaded a book to your device, it is available to you whenever you want to read it. Alternatively, if you wish to browse the book, you can tap "Try a sample.

Create a site Store icon for your Home screen optional. This icon will take you directly to the site Store in the future. Locate the "Share" button in the Safari Menu bar at the top of the screen.

The button looks like a small box with an arrow shooting out of it. From the drop-down menu of icons, select the "site Store" icon to add it to your iPad Home screen. Tap "Add. From the Home screen, tap on this icon to return to the site Store. Know what can be transferred. Besides books that you download from site, you can use your site app to read a wide variety of other formats that you may have on your computer.

The following types of files are supported: Document Files. RTF Image Files. BMP eBooks. MOBI only. Download and install the transfer software for your computer.

site provides transfer programs for both Windows and Mac that allow you to quickly send any supported file to the site app on your iPad.I was going insane trying to search youtube for a fix.

I had downloadd a book through site unlimited but the download got jammed. Did this article help you? Comes with an extra shoulder strap. Show less I have a book i got thru Libby library app that wont download to site plus the old library book i returned wont disappear from my site. That worked thank you! Even if you're an site Prime member and you want to download a free book. Ebook enthusiast, technology geek, and self-published short story author.

It only takes a second or so for it to show it's not downloading either book.

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