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This book provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to the art of medicine and healing. African Holistic Health by Llaila O Afrika, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. African Holistic Health - Llaila o Afrika PDF - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), fact Rhazes wrote about a hundred medical books that utilized natural foods.

Background of Charts Section Fifteen: Organ Clock and Cycles Sounds Music in Phonics Crystals Usage, Zodiac Signs Differences between Black and White Races Sleep Pattern African Sleep Pattern Holistic Perspectives Male Period Sex Hormones Sexual ArousaL Honno ne Affects Sex Pheromones Male Pheromones Female Pheromones Pheromone Imbalance SymptoW'ls Excess Estrogen Remedies Cycle: Problems and Estrogen Prostate Remedy Orgasm and Ejaculation Science African and European Beating, Hitting and Spanking Children Male and Female Honnone DayCyc1e Sexual Matching Chart However, research as used by Caucasians has other meanings.

Caucasians have an over abundance ofresearch projects and institutions and devote large sums of money to them. When you research any subject it means that you lack knowledge about the subject In other words, you are ignorant ofthe subject.

In this case, we have a European that is ignorant. Ancient Africa was the first civilization that used its vast knowledge base tollOlistically mas ter technology and medicine. The major problem that the Caucasians have with African functional research is that it is holistic. It is written by using words as structural, mental and spiritual symbolism called homonyms. The African spiritually based organic rhythmic conceptualized science is difficult for Caucasians to comprehend.

Caucasians have devised a way to acculturate, translate and fragment African science so that they can understand it They call this fragmented translation "Research. It is obvious that the Pyramids took functional research established over 5, years before they were built. In other words, the research era in Africa was over and only products of past research appear such as the Pyramids ofGiza. The functional research for holistic medicine was arrived at long before the ancient text papyrus was written.

Written documents are evidence that African functional research was done holistically. The Turin papyrus is 54, years old 11 th to 12th Dynasties. The 12th to 13 th Dynasties include the Ramesseum papyrus and the Kahun papyrus. These papyri reveal high levels of holism. The 19 th Dynasty has the Chester papyrus and the Berlin papyrus, which has func tional research.

The Ebers and Edwin Smith papyri are full text, comprehen siveand are used more and more by holistic medical scholars. The creation and introduction ofmedical terms is African. These papyri and other writings gave the world these terms: This indicates that pre-historical research and knowledge was obtained by Africans. Most ofthe Caucasian research is redecorated that was raped from Africa.

They use and monies to disguise the rape. The Caucas. Ians have discovered science in the same way that they discovered They invaded the ancient African Egyptian science know I raped, and burned ancient African textbooks. They seduce themselves into believing that gynecology, ophthalmology and medical sciences are modem when in fact, Athotis, the son of Mena 3, BC , wrote an encyclopedia th: However, this fact is ignored by "modem" Caucasian scientists and historians.

These culttrral spies historians to create the present historical ignorance. Caucasians in search of edge have invented a new ignorance called "research" and have seduced by their own ignorance. Research institutions and projects are not simply operatmg the of truth and knowledge. Research is funded and politically the monies ofthe Drug and Junk Food companies and the mIlitary.

It operates to the automobile business. Each year, they produce a new model car unproven new technology or research in order to inc: It IS. It was a business.

When ch. The "Emancipation" means transfer ofownershIp. Slaves were.

African Holistic Health by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika (E-Book)

The profit from non-chattel slavery is a perpetual eCOn? They businesses. The research and dIsease busmess are the new Slave and the consumer is the slave. It is a continuation o. People a: It IS not and. WIll be that. It is a business. A pure science carmot com. You cannot get a of science from a crooked tree White Supremacy.

Research has to be evaluated based upon Seduced by Ignorance and Research African-centeredness before it can be African accultirrated and '..

African should use Ma'at cultirre and holistic health as of bves.

The disease treatment methods and healing ntilals and ceremonies that pe1petitate the culttrre. Culttrre the language that enables you to spiritually, mentally, emotionally and a health tt: The for diseas. Disease, as explained by African IS upon a mixtirre of the past, present, ancestors. Research mto African Ma' at healings and healers reveals occurs when an individual's wellness changes from the culture's tarldaJ: Nonnal standards have to be consistent with and reflect the culture.

Healers are agents of a cul Afri. One slip of '.. Ma'at guided to dIg mto African healmg systems. However, Caucasian cD? Inmany cases, their research outcomes are as well as research and data altered in order to sat , This makes the research itself dubious. If VIOlent and deceitful, then their science deceItful. SCIence is people. People are science.

A science , perfect, or purer than the people that created it. Health pnmitiveness with science language and Ignorance. Caucasians search or research for some they are always discovering something that has already xxviii AFRlCA.

They must Black folks should not CMa'at and translate it. The key scrutinize it for truth, It culture to the subject. Music, to making an evaluatlOn. IS to attac P words art and research is people mathematics, religio. These subjects have to e cis Y h as "snack food" is not merely b t F r example wor suc understand the su.. Consequently, they stdo The0 ds "snack food" reflects peo hed food-snack foo.

Their research IS err ple, people culture make resefarthc. I 1 rrns and the blOC enus ry 0. When a Black person s. The Overlooked Revolution There is an overlooked revolution in Black worldwide culture.

Socially, Black people have protested, marched, rebelled, voted, sang, and cried for a revo lution for Black Nationalism, freedom, justice, self-identity, self-destiny, equality and the reaffirmation ofAfrican medical treatment concepts.

Today, Blacks are totally enslaved by another culture's Caucasian diet and medical system. An African health practitioner is denied the legal right to practice and is considered unscientific. The Africanization ofCaucasian culture has occurred in Black culture. For example, Africanization of English has resulted in the Negro Dialect, Africanized European music resulted in jazz, Africanized religious music resulted in Gospel, the Africanization of the waltz resulted in the jitterbug and the impact ofthis African thrust has caused Black African Studies in col leges.

The reclaiming ofAfrican clothes and garments, hairstyles cornrows , languages, names, and history has demonstrated the extent ofthe social rev olution.

Yet one major step has been overlooked in this process: Wholistic thinking is the key to understanding Caucasian cultural bias and White racism as applied to diet and medicine. Wholism means that everything i;e. This wholistic concept was a part ofAfrican cultures that existed before the Sahara Lake became the Sahara In any case, European cultural bias and racism has contaminated and ,ah;tortedAfrican medical and dietary writings.

In fact, all Chinese, Japanese,. OU cultures and their forms ofyoga, meditation, exercise, diagnosis, tre,amlcnts are biased in that they accentuate their own cultural frame of and disregard that the source of their science and art is Africa. Blacks who accept science as the only true science are whitewashed. Black folks who use their own culture's healing art and science are addicted to Caucasian.

They are accepting the fact that African culture produced calculus, psy bureaucracy, biology, medicine, astronomy, algebra, architecture, and anatomy while at the same time emotionally rejecting the African diet and medical art and science.

They are practicing self-hatred on 0nsciOlls levels and ignoring the obvious facts on a conscious leveL ,me'Ulcal writings of Imhotep Egyptian God of Medicine are the documents written. Ie and another Black Muslim, named Rhazes, influenced European medicme. In fact Rhazes wrote about a hundred medical books that utilized natural foods, herbal remedies, and diets. All major European medical schools used his books extensively in the 15 th and 16 th centuries.

Of the aforemen tioned works are distorted and contaminated by the Islannc culture the authors and racist biases ofthe European translators. Nonetheless, the African wholistic natural foods and herbal concepts were clearly in their works.

Europeans' cultures and science use good drug against evil bacteria, virus fragmentation or the so-called In other words, they separated the mind, the body and the spmt. In fact, orthodox Caucasian science does Dot include the spirit's affect upon the body, mind, diet, or Caucasians do not see culture as the foundation for the healing art and SCIence.

Culture creates the individual and family. It provides the rewards, pun ishments, and values for an individual's emotional, mental, physical and spir itual personality. Culture serves the individual an? An individual's healing art and science serves therr culture. Caucasians wholistic health ru: IS and mam tained to control good; good is created only to control evil. Good and evil are lDlXed toge! Evil slavery is rewarded with good wealth. Good wealth pun ished with evil embezzling, robbery, stealing ofmoney, Good lS used to terrorize forcing the Caucasian rules and laws upon Africans.

Africans must keep m mmd that you do. The mentally ill either got treatment or were killed. Britain forced Heroin on China which resulted in the Opium War. These ne,eds artse because Blacks are Melanin dominant and have spe CIfic bodily ditfurences as compared to less Melaninated races.

For example, ove: Subsequently, Blacks assim date food lD as Melanin improves the efficiency of Despite centuries ofeating a non-AFrican diet and liv mg m controlled countries outside ofAfrica, the Africans intestinal the sa: This melanin aids in protecting Blacks from the ultra VIolet rays sun. It also increases the speed and storage ofnerve artd brain messages. Africans largest mid-brain and have more harmony between the left andnght hemIspheres ofthe brain, more fast twitch muscles and the highest amount ofvitamins and minerals in the body as compared other races.

The Black woman's vagina is longer, the minor lips ofthe vagina are larger and breastinilk has higher nutrients as compared to women ofother races.

The Black woman's birth canal is the most efficient and sealed tighter. Black people's blood Ctystallizes differently from Caucasians' blood. These are some ofthe many feasons why Blacks have a unique biochemical nutri tional, medical and dietary need See Anatomy Chart.

Vt;th of processed food diet Calcium Higher levels ofwater and fat-soluble vitamins Sunlight.. African medicine is organized wholistically to treat the spiritual, mental and physical causes ofdis-ease.

For instance, the body tries to main tain adaptability which means adjusting holistically. Whenever the body is overloaded biochemically imbalanced , it tries to get rid of the toxic imbalanced state. It uses urine and bowel movements to keep it free of toxins. Ifthe urine and bowels fail to eliminate toxins, then the skin is used for a bowel movement bumps, acne, blackheads, herpes, rashes, measles, smallpox, etc. Ifthis fails to cleanse the body, then the lungs and nasal cav ities are used to get rid oftoxins sinuses, running nose, bronchitis, catarrh.

The body uses a warning signal such as a headache to notify you ofa toxic state. In African wholistic medicine, the cause ofthe toxic state would be treated with massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbs and a cleansing diet.

European medicine stops or suppresses the symptoms ofdisease with aspirin, cough suppressants, antihistamines, etc. This causes tI;te body to remain toxic and these toxins cause dis-ease. The symptom treatmg system keeps the individual in a disease state. This causes Blacks' health to be exploited by diseases for economic profits. DIET The contemporary junk food and fast food diet is based upon denatured, highly refined, processed, genetically and non-foods. This modem stuff looks like food, tastes like food, smells like food, but amounts to chemical waste Gunk food and a type ofsynthetic dirt.

The Overlooked Revolution The most damaging criminals in the modem diet are bleached white flour sugar. FIber allows food to exercise and cleans the digestive organs and leaves the body at a normal rapid rate.

Bleached white flour is robbed. White sugar has no fiber, no nutrients and mcreases the sugar level in the body beyond its natural level results in deprivation, diabetes, high blood pressure, nerve and bram damage, kIdney failure and eye deterioration. Fried foods are non digestible, constipating, and partially used by the body. The combination of foods with edible drugs such as preservatives, additives and dyes results m behavior control and chemical warfare upon the health.

It is common knowledge chemicals drugs, aspirin, depressants, amphetamines influ ence behaVIor and alters moods. The eating of these chemicals indirectly causes I? African coprolite fossIl food and feces studies reveal a natural diet in Africans. The scientific analysis ofcoprolites verifies that Africans ate whole foods, bee pollen, herbs, nuts, vast variety ofraw vegetables, and some cooked foods. Ancient fossilized African foods in no way resemble modern foods. Eating a processed food diet is against life and against the African culture.

African Empires, civilizations, music, art, philosophy, science, medicine and culture is built upon wholistic foods and medicine see music, science and psychology chart.

This dietary enslavement: Eating this modem Junk food chemtcal waste results in the abandonment ofBlack acculturated di. Blacks must revolutionize their diets and stop eating fast foods and eat slow foods whole, unprocessed. There are no people who are free ifthey are controlled by another people's foods. Blacks must reclaim control of their stomachs and see African culture and Ma'at in the diet. African wholistics is still a part ofBlack culture.

Wholism in Black cul ture is based upon "concept. For example, Black "concept. Blacks use the word: Bad can mean fine, excellent, expensive, intelligent, sex and terrible. It takes its meaning from the context ofthe whole picture Howe,: Subsequently, bad means bad and the further conjugation i. European wholistics is not inherently concept-oriented.

It is frag mented. Furthermore, anything that cannot be done in a so-called scientific labo ratory analysis does not exist. Often when Caucasian scientists mention African wholistic herbal use a science ofherbs over 10, years old , it is negatively called unscientific, vooqoo, witchcraft, mysticism or cultural ignorance. This is Caucasian cultural bias and White racism. Actually, African-centered wholistic health, herbal medicine, healers and whole food diet utilize the total energies of the plants spiritual, intellectual, nutrient rather than the partial nutrient values.

So, it followed that a whole unprocessed plant treated a whole person. The primary differences between European and African wholistic health is in the concept and ana lytical fragmentation approach.

African wholism never divided, isolated a nutrient or fragmented a plant to understand its personality. Plant per sonalities are very specific properties associated with a particular plant. A ''plant personality" causes it to treat, heat or cool a particular part of the body or organ. It also affects the speed or slowness of its use in the body, Each plant or treatment has a ritual and ceremony associated with the plant's cycle, the time of day it is picked, and the day ofthe week it is pre pared.

The zodiac sign, deity andlor the personality of the plant, patient, healer or dis-ease has to be given attention, primarily, because wellness or dis-ease represents a spiritual, mental and physical part ofthe culture. The culture dictates that the herb, as well as the person taking the herb, are in communion with God. Plant personality dictated the choice ofplant herb to use in disease treatment.

Isolating an herb's nutrient or chemical is like having two blind people describe an elephant-the one at the tail says the elephant is skinny, and the one at the foot describes the elephant as tall with a shell toe nails.


Isolating an herb's nutrient or chemical destroys its wholistic value and destroys the healing effect of its characteristics plant personality. The choice is simple. Blacks wbo accept another culture's definition ofhealth, healing, medicine and food are enslaved by that culture via their stomachs. These nutritional slaves can be seen smoking tobacco and mar ijuana cigarettes the lighting of them turns them into a synthetic chemi cal, a non-food which destroys the oxygenation of blood, produces poor quality sperm , using synthetic drugs, drinking sodas a synthetic chemi calized liquid sugar , eating white sugar products i.

These nutritional Uncle Toms and dietary slaves produce children who eat like Caucasians. Question your emotions fe r d re ate em to Ma'at prin e tngs an reasons based upon Ma'at. Truth Am I really hungry? Am r treat' ' tood as If It IS a "slave" and m '. Righteousness Is the fo d d. Is there a healthy snack I can eat mstead ofjunk?

Harmony How does eating junk food serve my body and benefit my welIness? Balance Does this food maintain my biochemical balance or does It Cause a negative drain ofenergy? Compassion Dr' o accept that my wel1ness adds to the health ofill race an?

The food industry mak s can indicate emotional prob feelings, emotions and t at to the dysfunctional psycholo? The industry uses desires to food 0 for food and to connect lcate pacifY their feelings with consumers tend to med are largest consumers of salty pot gt r a;:.

These mo ern m 'ty to' diagnose and treat the. Similarly, It IS hum: These natural wh? Hippocrates birth.

I is not an advancement in medicine, it Contemporary medIcal ogydi I scI'ence and is a sign ofignorance. They instructed the patient9rrhow to achieve higher wellness on a spiritual, mental and physical level.

The medicine man was used as a human technol ogy for the culture. Each individual was taught that all senses were active Male Principle and passive Female Principle and all dis-eases were active and passive and taught the spiritual and mental causes of disease, The life existence ofhuman beings is a combination of the past, pres ent, future, ancestors, physical, mental, and spiritual. Each ofthese factors oflife was sublimely analyzed, Consequently, an imbalance disease in any factor oflife represented an imbalance in other factors, The African health practitioner had to first develop their own human detection sensitivity capacities by using Ma'at before they could treat the dis-eased individuaL The healer used sight, music, touch, hearing, dance, smell, food, rituals and ceremonies as diagnostic and healing instruments.

Therefore, electri cal and fuel driven machines, gadgets and so-called modem technology were not needed. The healer had dis-ease detection intelligences on many levels and realized that Ma'at diagnostic wisdom is inherent in individu als, not machines.

The machines used helped the healer diagnose, machines did not diagnose. Healers were guided in treatment by the wisdom that all organs are related to each other, in that the human developed as an undifferentiated mass egg in which all organs and organ systems were connected together see the Chart Organ Regions. The organs began to specialize in function i. However, they never lost thQir inherent connection to the whole body see Acupressure Chart.

In fact, every cell in the body possesses the genetic code fingerprint ofthe body. Therefore, any part of the body can be used to analyze another part or organ. The internal organs have nerve endings in the feet, hands, head, teeth, tongue, etc. All organs in the body are connected related to each other, similar to the telephone systems in the world. The knowl edge ofthe interrelatedness ofbodily organs and parts combined with the healers' ability to use their body as a gadget, machine, technology and instrument for diagnosing and treating disease put the African healer on the highest level of science.

A fuel driven machine, gadget or technology does not possess wisdom orMa'at. A machine, be it a bullet or a bomb, will kill an infant child or 'an enemy. Particles ofmetals or plastics do not possess wisdom, power or knowledge or Ma' at. A sophisticated computerized medical testing machine does not reflect the wholistic intelligence of humans, These machines the interaction of particles of metal.

No machine possesses more lorn ""I"'i1,,'" than its maker. No modern fuel electrical driven machine iy! This pre-Egyptian medical science is between 20, and , years old.

In fact, it is the oldest medicinal science on this planet. The B. The realization that the spiritual fueled human body IS an advanced tech nological instrument for diagnostic an? The Caucasians with the lowest Melanin content can only understand between twenty-five to forty percent ofthe astronomy, magnetisr;n othe: The Caucasians' limited understanding of the African mathematical concepts has resulted in the invention of the so-called modern machines of computers, spaceships, automobiles and nuclear bombs.

The percent ofthe African astrology, health science and mathematics IS the scope ofthe Caucasian thought process. The African Rhind mathematIcal papyx: It can be seen that the ancient African ha? A thermometer will register hu: However, a thermometer cannot regIster mdIcate the tempera ment ofthe body temperature is moist, wet, dry, aIr, or water.

The energy projected from the eyes is measured, Identified as active Male or passive Female and classified by the temperament system. An individual can feel another starmg at them while their back is ttrrned away from the person. ThIS IS exampl. Ancient practI tioners developed their ability to and. Wholistic abilities gave the medial SCientIst vast sublime resources for the diagnosis ofdis-ease states and treattnents. Each disease, organ and hormone has a sublime odor. Each organ produces a specific odor whether in a state of health or dis-eased.

These odors were classified as bitter, pungent, sour, active, passive, earth, water, air, fire Energy by the ears, pulse, nose, breath, hair and skin were claSSIfied.

These are but a few ofthe sublime human abilities a medial pracbtloner devel oped and utilized in dis-ease detection.. The non-wholistic thinkers are trymg to copy whohstlc human f'''''' UT1th Machines can only use coarse energy electncal, The Overlooked Revolution nuclear, etc. Humans can use all e LIght by Paul Ghahounegve has further information. CaucasIan medicine i. It Will continue to fail because CaucaSIan culture uses failure to manipulate and control people. Ancient Afri?

Ma at mstruments reqUITed the usage of higher developed psy chic and energy for their proper use. The names ofthese instruments disu: Many ofthese healing and diagnostic deVices are labeled as toys and games.

The games and "checkers" are extracted from an African div matlon and healmg call Draughts.

This device looks exactly like chess except the playmg board has 27 squares, which are laid out, in 3 rows ofsquares With 9 columns. Each column ofnine squares represents the nine energy individual respectively; nine columns for the body, nme the mmd and rune for the spirit.

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The so-called playing pieces were placed m a Terra Cotta Bowl or cloth bag and mixed by shaking. Next, pIeces were without looking and placed on the board from? Actually, it is the pyramidal and divining egg devlce. The egg bowling ball was programmed with the aura of the a Witness ofcloth or hair was used.

Then the ball was rolled to strike Next, th: These steps chakra planes were used to recharge xl xl AFruCA. The "swing" is another ill-named African healing instrument. The hori zontal bar would support the swing; this bar would be suspended and attached to vertical support posts three posts , which were arranged in a pyramid shape.

The posts and the horizontal bar would be charge by magnets. Thus, the patient would swing through the electromagnetic force' field; the alpha gamma rays and the pyramidal energy field would cause a polarization of energies on a psychic and physical level. This is a Pendulum Pyramidal Healing Device. It was arranged in a circular sphere according to fue organ being treated see Eye Chart. The alpha ray energy angular wave were used. The board was placed on a pyramid pivot with crystals or metals see Crystal and Metal Charts as a counterbalance for the dis-eased patient.

Then, the patient would be caused to "see-saw" according to the rhythm vibra tions see Music Chart ofthe dis-eased organ. This would result in polariza tion ofthe dis-eased organ. The internal organ vibration adjustments caused by the electromagnetic force field ofboard, pyramid, crystal and ioruc wave force excited the healing care. The above ancient African instruments are but a few of the many found in fossil remains, tombs and drawings. In the book Supersensonics by Christopher Hill, healing devices are scientifically explained and validated to function.

A wholistic Ma' at life with higher human training was required for a healer to operate them.

European invaders and grave robbers archaeologists believed the devices were toys and games. They can only use instruments that they can understand and validate by their science primitive cartoon logic.

Davis and W. Rawls, Jr. African science is complex and yet based on the physiology ofthe body and taught systematically. They are African in origin and had the symbolism ofEgyptian Tarot cards and African astrol ogy and spirituality.

The cards were used to teach astrology, astronomy, math ematics, divining, spirituality and to diagnose and treat diseases. A deck of cards has Four Suits Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades; the four elements fire, water, air, earth ; the four seasons. Values ofNumbers Seven and nme. Ancients believe there were seven planets. There are seven days to a week. The number nine 9 as. The Cycle of the! After nine, there IS 0 and sequence starts over with "1. The Joker The of days" beyond the logical times fifty-two, to total our required for the Sun's travel in the solar year.

The Joker is. Usually pIctured as fate in a fools cloilies: It is rejected or "played wild" in games. It also symbolizes "1" day that ofthe day solar year. It is the element that completes the earth s eXIstence days. A medical student was selected for initiation just as students are selected for college via scores and personality profiles. The stu dents initiates could participate in their education on a general educational level call Exoteric learning or on a higher level called Esoteric, The mystery system has seven degree levels or steps oflearning before completion.

The first degree educates you in the coarse or base aspects of medicine and is known as Pastorphoros. This system is not confined to med icine and includes all known and unknown sciences. However, the initiate could be educated for a specific area major or talent or a combination of areas majors. In any case, upon competition ofthe first degree the student advances to the Neocoros degree, which focuses on the structural energy ofmedicines such as the energy ofshapes squares, pyraInids, triangles, obelisks.

Then, the Me1anophoros degree is studied whereby the student learns the energy forces ofnon-polarized energy such as the Melanin-DNA energy state, which is cre ated between the death and life state. In the Kistophorus degree, the student learns how to will the inherent law of plants, crystals metals, colors, magnets, music, etc.

In the fifth degree of Balahate, the student learns the science ofnature and interactions of alchemic laws. In the sixth degree ofAstronomos, the student learns cycles, astrology and the manipulations ofthe cosmic forces and their reac tion in the cells, thoughts, biochemistry, organs, bones, emotions, vitamins and minerals in the body and on the galaxy.

In the seventh degree of the Propheta the student learns all the secrets of the higher mystery system and becomes a god Master, Ph. Interesting to note, the word god is not meant in the European orthodox sense.

In African culture, if a chicken had offspring children they were called chickens and if God had children man they could be called gods. We have videos on Holistic Health and much more. Holistic Health helps you learn about the most natural effective ways to live and brings harmony and balance to your spirit. All people regardless of nationality can benefit from all products, lectures, as a guide to healthy living.

We are being hustled by the insurance and medical communities! Llaila O. Drug Markups Here is a chart showing the enormous markups of drugs. Most drugs only reduce pain, slow the rate of disease and prolong death. Lorraine Day. Robert Bingham. Beware of Supermarket Foods!

They never had cancer either! How Melanin Determines Your Race. Author Gwen Crawford says: Start where you are now and move forward Change your Diet - Change your Life! This information is essential for professionals and everyone to utilize in lifestyle and to self.

Llaila Afrika is a nutrition consultant, massge therapist, historian, writer and a Doctor of Naturopathy. He has studied in Africa, Europe and America.

Llaila believes that each of his clients from the children to the elderly have been among his teachers and is fully indebted to them all. He contends that good health does not belong exclusively to any culture or race, but is a human right and a product of nature. Llaila's background includes serving in the Medical Core in the military and several years experience as a psychotherapist.

He has used herbal and other holistic treatments exclusively since the early 's. Visit Seller's Storefront. Please contact me if you are not satisfied with your order in any manner.

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Oct 04, Jazlyn McCrary rated it it was amazing. These deficiencies have been noted from autopsies of Alzheimer victims. Alcohol consumption in the form ofbeer, wine and whiskey is anti-health and anti-life. An individual can feel another starmg at them while their back is ttrrned away from the person. Stabilizes nerves. Bad can mean fine, excellent, expensive, intelligent, sex and terrible. About this title Synopsis:

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