HOW THIS CODEX WORKS. Codex: Grey Knights contains everything you need to collect a force of Grey Knights Space Page 7 Like the Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes, the Grey Knights are few in number, a mere handful when. Grey Knights Codex 8th - Free Download. The 7th edition Games Workshop codex did do some good, Now the 8th edition Grey Knights codex has. МБ. 26 7 мар в · Ana Asensi . Warhammer 40, - Codex - Chaos Space

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txt, word, rar, site, ppt, and pdf report. codex grey knights 7th - alienhsu download or read: codex grey knights 7th pdf ebook epub mobi page 1 grey knights -. Codex Grey Knights - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 5 Grey Knight Grand Master .. 7 Grey Knight Brother-Captain. CODEX PDF WORDPRESS Space marine grey knights codex pdf The Grey powered by Wikia Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Grey Knights(7E) - 1d4chan Wall | .

This reality defies statistical probability, yet its cause remains unknown -- and perhaps unknowable. The debate on the incorruptibility of the Chapter continues, as no authoritative conclusion has been reached.

Yet for those with faith in the Emperor, the truth is simple -- the Emperor protects. Notable Campaigns The Grey Knights have fought to hold back the daemonic hordes of the Dark Gods for a hundred centuries, waging their war in secret against an unrelenting and tireless foe.

Their deeds are known outside the Chapter and the Inquisition only as myths and legends, tales of silver armoured warriors saving Humanity from the beasts of nightmare.

Foundation of the th Chapter ca. Under a veil of secrecy the Chapter began its work, hunting down the daemonic enemies that threaten the Imperium. Fate Unravels M32 - The Daemon Ix'thar'ganix, the Slayer of Destinies, foresaw the role that the Grey Knights would play in his downfall, and the threat they might eventually pose to the Dark Gods. Overcome with his own cunning, the Lord of Change began a plan that would take eight thousand Terran years to come to fruition, seeding lesser Daemons on worlds all across the Imperium so that he might subtly manipulate future events.

The Ghost Quell The Inquisitor was dragged back to the dungeons of Titan, pleading with his stony-faced captors that the Necrolarus was the Imperium's only hope for survival.

The Final Sanction Only after the Daemon and its servants had been dealt with did Neodan discover that the creature had been tainting the meat-beasts of the blood factorums, and spreading them across Xor and its neighbouring worlds. With no knowledge of how far the corrupted flesh had spread, Neodan declared a final sanction against Xor, condemning millions to death rather than risking a daemonic incursion. The Hollow Cult M34 - During their long war against the Hollow Cult and its many-limbed pleasure god, the Grey Knights lost almost the entire 7th Brotherhood.

The Chaos Cult laid a series of cunning ambushes for the Grey Knights, bending reality to isolate each of the Battle-Brothers and overwhelm them in a tide of daemonic flesh.

In the end, the only memory of the Hollow Cult that remained was recorded in faded ink within the Sanctum Sanctorum in the Citadel of Titan.

The Lost Brotherhood All communication ceased, and eventually the Council of Titan declared them lost. The Haunting of Titan M35 - The Chambers of Purity were sullied by haunting spectres of the Warp: the ghosts of vanquished foes clawing at the walls of reality and whispering portents of future catastrophe.

The creatures warned of a time when the light of the Emperor would fail and the Grey Knights would stand alone against the darkness, the fate of Humanity resting upon the razor edges of their blades.

The Purifiers endured the maddened tirades of these ghosts and the visions of the Imperium fallen into darkness and fire; they knew that these shades were but echoes of the monsters they purported to be, barely connected to the Warp and able to do no more than spew forth lies. The Purifiers also knew, however, that the daemonic ghosts were a symptom of something ancient and powerful that slumbers beneath the surface of Titan Eye of the Storm A squad of Grey Knights was trapped by the storm on the Rorn Primarex shipyard, having destroyed the Pallid Prince and his Warp-iron vessel.

Unwilling to risk discovery by the citizens of Rorn III, and denied Warp travel by the storm, the Grey Knights set out into the void at sub-light speeds, the Battle-Brothers entering stasis for their millennia-long voyage back to Titan. A Brotherhood Out of Time M36 - Nearly two thousand Terran years after their disappearance, word reached Titan of the lost Brother-Captain Edeon and his brothers.

Unbeknownst to the Chapter, Edeon had followed the Daemonafex and its thralls into an area of the Warp that owed its existence to the echoes of forgotten moments. Edeon and his Grey Knights fought at the foot of the Daemon's Fortress of Deceit, each day falling to grievous wounds only to rise again, borne up by their unwavering resolve and psychic fury.

Faced with their combined might, the Daemonafex was finally cast down, though it was to cost Edeon and his brothers their lives in the material realm.

On their return to realspace , their bodies began to atrophy at an alarming rate. Before he died, the Brother-Captain only had time to send a coded signal to Titan, telling of the Brotherhood's victory. A Thousand Deaths M36 - Xorgar the Cruel ascended to Daemonhood amid the blood-drenched battlefields of the Rusting War. The Grey Knights already fighting against the Ragged Host focused their attentions on Xorgar and slew him before he fully manifested his newfound powers.

However, it amused the Dark Gods to torment their vassal by giving him life once more, and for the next twelve standard years the Grey Knights hunted and killed Xorgar hundreds of times on scores of worlds.

Only when the Daemon's mortal shell was destroyed for the thousandth time did the gods tire of their game.

Grey Knights Special Rules

A Daemon Assassin It slows and befuddles anyone within its range. If this item is used by a model without the Independent Character special rule. The warheads of these missiles are loaded with a similar material as Psycannon shells. There is so much arcane add-ons to it that it no longer resembles the original design. Assault 3. Obscure machine-lore and technology are used in the design of this daemon-cleansing weapon.

The Incinerator is specially designed to effectively purify the daemonic in large swats. Ignores Invulnerable saves. Psycannon The Psycannon is similar to the Heavy Bolter in purpose. Blast Ignores Invulnerable saves. May reroll failed wounding rolls and armour penetration rolls.

The Grand Master may select a power from the psychic powers list. Storm Bolter Icon of the Just: This holy icon protects its user with a protective force field. Armoured and equipped with the best that the Imperium can offer. A Grand Master is one who have braved the fires of gruelling trials. Independent Character. Grey Knight. They have faith in the Emperor beyond any and their conviction in the path they walk is incredible indeed.

The Brother-Captain may select a power from the psychic powers list. Wargears Nemesis Force Weapon: User may reroll failed wounding rolls and armour penetration rolls.

The Grey Knights are equipped with the best technologies the Imperium can provide. Along with the endless training they receive in the vaults of Titan. They may also choose to reroll the Deep Strike scatter dice. All weapons in a Purgation Squad count as twin-linked. The Purgation squads exists for one purpose: To cleanse the taint of daemon by fire. To this end.

Flag for inappropriate content. The actual force org category is noted on each entry below.

Second Note - Our transports took a big hit now that they don't generate Warp Charges. With the cost reduction of Terminators, I anticipate we will be seeing fewer and fewer rhinos. And Razorbacks are too expensive priced differently now.

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Rhino - Fast Attack - Look, Rhinos! A rhino with an extra storm bolter 2 total costs the same as 2 standard PAGKs who bring 2 Storm Bolters but have 3 "wounds" and are harder to crack.

They are pretty much always a good download.

Great for moving PAGKs with psycannons midfield on turn 1 12" move and pop smoke , and then acting as heavy weapon bunkers for the rest of the game. Your psycannons will have full range on T2 and protection against small arms fire, and if your opponent wrecks it on their turn your psycannons STILL have full range once it hits your turn again. Cannot carry Terminators. Razorback - Fast Attack - A Rhino with a big gun on the back.

Good for providing fire support for PAGKs of all kinds. The base cost went up, but all the weapon option costs went down. If you were taking razorbacks in the last codex purely for heavy bolters, then yes, they are more expensive now. But if you were taking razorbacks for anything else TL Lascannons come to mind they are actually cheaper now than they were in the last codex. You're better off taking more PAGKs and equipping more special weapons; if you need them to be somewhere fast, they can always deepstrike.

Also cannot carry Terminators.

Worth noting that Forge World provided the Grey Knights with a variant called the Vortimer Pattern which mounts a twin-linked Psycannon that thanks to being a vehicle always puts out 4 shots at maximum range for 30 points more than the basic TLHB. Grey Knights Land Raiders are pretty much exactly the same as the Land Raiders used by standard space marines.

The standard "Godhammer" pattern is schizo but is one of your only decent ranged anti-vehicle units, the Crusader has the best transport capacity and lots of dakka, and the Redeemer is excellent for melting MEQs and ignoring cover. If you also have Objective Secured, this choice will be pretty nasty.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Grey Knights(8E)

These guys can probably benefit the most from a Razorback. Ten man squad Combat squadded. Drive towards 'Nid, Guard, Boyz horde. Unleash a potential 24 S5 AP4 hits, then fire your 2 psycannons for the lulz. Their CC attacks inflict Soulblaze. This is probably the best elite choice and possibly infantry unit in general , the others being too expensive and a dreadnought. It's very much worth noting that they lose Deep Strike - Strikes and Interceptors have native Deep Strike, and can therefore use the Nemesis Strike Force and really, why would you not?

This is quite a major strike against Purifiers and later, Purgators unless you're trapped in 5th and are bringing a mechanised list. This used to be mitigated by allying Space Wolves and sticking them in a Drop Pod, at least until an FAQ ruled that allied forces can't deploy inside one another's transports.

The best way to bring these guys would be in a man squad with 4 Incinerators and 2 Daemon Hammers and combat-squadded. This will give you an extra 2 warp charges and will mean you can cast two Cleansing Flames, followed by 2 soul blazing templates from the Incinerators that will not only ignore the average horde's armour, but will also cause instant death, negating any feel no pain tricks.

On the subject of transports, the Land Raider would be a better transport, but you want that Heavy Support slot for Dreadknights. The Stormraven is probably your next best option, as it's an assault vehicle and it gives you some anti-air and anti-armour abilities. Alternate Take: With the new Gate of Infinity power, for some of your warpcharges you can easily deepstrike these guys. Take the gate right in front of the enemy horde, you're gonna need a cup to hold all the tears that horde opponent's gonna cry!

Dreadnought - A Dreadnought, same as the others, including a pt upgrade to Venerable. A unit of questionable merit when you could be taking purifiers instead, however it is one of few sources of long range firepower and one of even fewer sources of plasma.

The venerable upgrade isn't really worth it; it might save your bacon against a single lascannon or melta hit, but you're probably going to just be stripped of hull points.

The increased BS is nice, but many of the shooting options are already twin-linked, so it's value is a bit more dependent on your weapon choice.

The increased WS is similarly nice if your goal is close combat, but requires surviving long enough to get there. Making it in to close combat is more likely if you have him ferried in on a Stormraven, but this also means that you're losing a couple rounds of shooting.

For the gutting we took in the last codex update, I'm actually surprised we weren't gifted with a more melee focused dreadnought option, or a libby dread, but I guess that would be stepping on the Blood Angels toes a bit too much.

Dreadnoughts may have an application against Culexus assassins, by tying them up in CC. The assault effect of psyk-out grenades does not allow them to be used against vehicles in CC, so he can't perils the dreadnought to death nor can he harm it with his weapons.

Fearless means he can't invoke the "our weapons are useless" rule. If a dreadnought assaults a Culexus, it will one-shot him at best or tie him up for the rest of the game at worst. These guys will run over an enemy who lacks low AP weapons.

Extremely powerful, but extremely expensive. Steer clear of anything that inflicts Instant Death: A single Demolisher Cannon shot can ruin this expensive squad's day in a heartbeat.

Nevertheless, Paladins will get the job done. Another way to use them is to stick a couple of them with an apothecary to an Independent Character's ass and use them as "Look out, Sir! Fast Attack[ edit ] Grey Knight Interceptor Squad - Your only other Fast Attack choice, these are just PAGKs with teleporter packs that make them look like something from a cheesy '50s sci-fi movie - ask the enemy to take them to their leader.

Seriously though, these are effectively your Assault Marines, but they have a nifty trick up their backpacks: they can make a 30" move once per game but cannot assault. Thanks to the mobility this provides, they're effective at putting pressure on the enemy in the early game, especially if you take a lot and shunt them up on Turn 1. Follow this up with Deep Strike support so they aren't deleted before they can do their job. They got better due to Incinerators no longer being stupidly over-costed for them.

And we all know how good flamer weapons are on jump infantry! Alternate Take: The Justicar can take a teleport homer and these guys are highly mobile.

Look at your unused Terminators. Now look at me. Now look back at your Terminators. They're now a man Paladin squad, Deep Striking within your opponent's lines without scattering unless they have Coteaz.

Take two to three units of 5 Interceptors and move them up the board behind cover or out of line of sight, if you can manage it! After they've done their job as mobile beacons, they can spend the game running around collecting objectives, harassing your opponent's troops with their Incinerators or basically being a nuisance in any way you can think of!

Use them to drop Terminators, Purifiers and Dreadnoughts into your opponent's midst. Also, it can take a locator beacon, which allows you to zip around and safely deep strike your reserves in addition to its own transport capabilities.

Grey Knights

Now comes with the generally more useful Stormstrike missiles. Sponsons are advised against, as you are probably more likely to regret not having a psycannon on your GKTs or some Daemonhammers on your squads, than 12 TL bolter shots. Finally, this is one of your few methods of getting effective anti-armor into your list due you not getting the regular heavy weapons for your squads and you don't get to field predators. Seriously consider taking as many of these as you can afford to, but don't forget that the more points you sink into them and their cargo, the more it'll sting when you fail your Reserves roll to determine whether it shows up at all.

Remember, this one's a flyer - your opponent needs 6s to hit it if your opponent hasn't taken any Skyfire, the damn thing is nearly invincible. It's also very good in a dogfight: POTMS allows you to split fire potentially forcing 2 opposing flyers to jink and allows you to fire a weapon at full BS even after jinking yourself.

Hover gives it the manoeuvrability to evade other flyers that don't have Hover or at least Vector Dancer , although dropping to hover does increase your vulnerability to fire from ground forces. You can blow up an enemy vehicle with the MM and then power of the machine spirit the LC into another enemy vehicle. Rhino - See the Dedicated Transport section. Can be taken individually as an FA choice, but there isn't a whole lot of reason for it. Razorback - See the Dedicated Transport section. Can be taken individually as an FA choice, and might be worth it in small point games if you're running terminator troops but still want some lascannons on the board.

Two twin-linked lascannons, but the real meat is it's Rotary Missile Launcher - 2 S8 AP2 shots, forcing rerolls on successful cover saves including Jink , and on penetrating hit, roll 3 times on the table and pick the best option.

Just over points, and can drop just about any vehicle you point it at.

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In reality, they're really just a Strike Squad that can take four heavy weapons without restriction. Just like how a devastator squad is just a tactical squad that can take four heavy weapons without restriction. Note that you must park them in cover or they will die. Due to the fact that Grey Knights heavy weapons are all short- to mid-range, you'll probably have to move them in to the midfield to get any use out of them, which means putting them at risk.

This is especially true if they're assaulted, as heavy weapons mean no force weapons though four Incinerators would make this a dicy proposition for light troops.

Make sure these guys have a transport handy to get them out of dodge when your opponent decides to pay attention to them. They can and probably should take a teleport homer, allowing you to conveniently Deep Strike a unit of anything that can deepstrike to screen the Purgation Squad if the heat is on.

Note: Something to consider Move up at cruising speed and flat out into your opponent's face on Turn 1.

Warhammer 40k - Codex - Grey Knights 5E

Assuming they survive the trip, you now have x4 Str 6 AP 4 Soulblaze templates you can drop and melt away whatever footsloggers there are in your path, 2 if the Rhino hasn't been popped yet and you haven't disembarked them by then. On Turn 2, Deep Strike your reserves around the unit without scatter thanks to the aforementioned teleport homer, and they will have all the protection they need.

Every Purgation Squad you take is one less potential Dreadknight on the board, and considering how useless Psycannons are on PAGK these days, Purgators amount to little more than dead weight. They die just as easily as any Marine, and all of our weapons are short enough range that getting them close enough to do their job means they'll be wiped off the board before they can even aim straight. If you insist on bringing a pure heavy weapons squad, Purifiers do everything they can, except better; with 2 special weapons per 5 models, take a man Purifier unit, download 4 special weapons, and combat squad them all together for what is effectively a more powerful version of the same thing, with the added bonus of more than doubled close combat power if they're singled out.

However, keep in mind: points seems cheap at first, but that means it will have no upgrades or ranged weapons at all. Ranged weapons which you can take two of, as long as they aren't two copies of the same weapon are suped up versions of the standard GK special weapons, and cost points apiece.

The Personal Teleporter costs a cool 30 points and is totally worth it. Close combat upgrades are the cheapest and will help your big guy in melee since you start off with only two powerfists which isn't really that bad.

The teleporter does not make them lose Monstrous Creature status either and allows them to shunt in from ongoing reserves, instead of deep striking, for no scatter.

Watch out for Necrons and Gargoyles, they will ruin your day. He is one of the 2 non-fearless MC in 40k, the other being the Riptide, so beware the Wyrdvanes in a Chimera or even paired with Hellhound, because it could tank shock this guy and chase him in 6".

Be afraid of Dark Eldar players, their Venoms, Warriors, Hellions and Scourges can drop a surprising amount of poisoned shots on your Dreadknights in one turn, Blasterborn squads will eat a Dreadknight unless you use Sanctuary. Actually, this may no longer be true, as teleporters became much more affordable and templates hit units inside Open Topped transports. Still, these guys are professional skullfuckers, and their ridiculously silly look will make your opponent cry tears of blood to have its tanks and precious snowflake characters being torn to shreds by such an ugly baby-carrying chicken.

If you're feeling silly and like extreme MSU, this model has potential to be your Warlord without it breaking your army. Now that you can take these as dedicated transports for your Terminators, you will probably never actually take one as a Heavy choice ever again. He lost any bonus anti-psyker rules and his Paladin Troops, and it's unlikely that he'll regain them through a supplement. However, Gate of Infinity allows you to teleport him close to the enemy, compensating for his weak storm bolter that makes him useless in the shooting phase and allowing you to bring the titansword-fuckfest right to your opponent's ass.

All the while playing fluffy and imagining the dude randomly popping in and out of the Warp to stupidly smash whatever poor bastard happens to be in range. Cookie to the one who does this after painting him with warp dust down his nose.

Fortifications[ edit ] Fortifications in general aren't particularly useful to the Grey Knights. Aegis Defence Lines: Meh. Might be okay for a squad of backfield objective campers, but with a low model count army you want to be the one moving around calling the shots. Camping is a pretty good way to get shot off the board by anything with a range over 24". It has some AA turret options, but you should be taking Stormravens for anti-air stuff.

With the 7th ed change to interceptor no longer allows you to "turn off" skyfire the turrets are pretty ineffective against ground targets. Note - An ADL can equip a comms relay.

This sets you back 70 points, but it gives you the ability to reroll reserve rolls which is a huge boon if you're deep striking on turn one. But again, you need to camp a unit at the relay in order to get the benefit, but you don't really have the longrange firepower to validate a unit just chilling in the backfield. Imperial Bunker: This pill box is a closed building and can deny a part of the battlefield pretty nicely if some PAGKs are in it.

Place your objectives accordingly. Bunkers are another source for the comms relay, and seeing as they offer a bit more substantial protection than the ADL, might have a case for a backfield camp. They can also take that additional exit which allows you to exit the building 18" away from the building itself, but the enemy can use that door too in order to assault the unit in the bunker. You could use it as a means of leaving the bunker and ending up right in midfield, but it's probably not worth it.

A solid home for purgators, what with the 4 fire points and all. Nothing makes people wanna not touch that objective quite like an AV14 box with 16 rending autocannon shots being dumped out of it.

Just be mindful that the fire point is just on one side, so you won't be able to shoot at anyone that manages to swing around behind the box. Skyshield Landing Pad: On the upside, it'll prevent deep strikers from scattering if they aim to land on the pad, and it can provide a sweet invulnerable save.

On the downside, it needs to be deployed in your own D-zone, but you you want to be deepstriking in to your opponent's end of the field.

Back to the upside, it allows you to start a stormravern on the field, so you're not waiting for turn 2 to for the rest of your army to show up, and not waiting until turn 3 to disembark the raven's passengers. All in all, unless you are specifically building and air cav list, you're probably better served by fielding something else.

Imperial Bastion: As per the Bunker, but comes with more Dakka. Fortress of Redemption: As per the Bunker and the Bastion, but now you're starting to get ridiculous - it's pts base. Take only if you're desperate for extreme long-range support. It can replace ALL of its four twin-linked heavy bolters for twin-linked Psycannons for 20 pts only. Just remember, that with 7th ed there's gonna be A LOT more skyfire weapons all around.

Brotherhood of the Flame Apocalypse - Crowe leads 5 man Purifier squads, all on foot. Who are the extra 2 guys filling out the 5 man squads? The only bonus this formation even gets is the ability to give any knights within 12" of the lead Dreadknight Shred. Seriously, this won't make them any better. The Dreadknight can fire tracker rounds, which means all Stormraven shots at the marked target hit automatically and models with the Daemon rule halve either toughness or armour save.

Designed to assist with Daemon Lords, maxed out this is capable of clue's in the name! Yes, we know Assassins have been shifted to their own dataslate, but it's still listed as a Grey Knights formation.This attack will ignore invulnerable save in addition to any other benefits the Nemesis Force Weapon grants.

Roll D6 for that mortal wound and each mortal wound inflicted for the rest of the phase. Jink is a cover save, so Due to how Imperium armies work in 8th, these guys make a great alternative to standard anti-infantry heavy weapons units such as Devastators, Retributors , and Heavy Weapons Squads.

This is especially true if they're assaulted, as heavy weapons mean no force weapons though four Incinerators would make this a dicy proposition for light troops.

Just remember, that with 7th ed there's gonna be A LOT more skyfire weapons all around. Plop him near a Dreadnought and he'll keep it alive.

Don't forget that he can cast 2 powers a turn; give him Purge Soul for yet more mortal wound stacking, or Hammerhand to maximize his bonus attack generation. However, you might be touched in the head if you aren't aiming for big assaults with these bad boys; you're looking at 4 attacks at a minimum of Strength 10, 12 at the most, and AP -3 across the board for weapon choices.

Many re-rolls.

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