Creating, Opening and Saving VariCAD 2D/3D Files. This reference manual contains technical descriptions of the entire VariCAD interface, and consists. VariCAD Reference Manual Table of Contents 1 FOREWORD INTRODUCTION TO VARICAD VARICAD INSTALLATION PROCEDURE HARDWARE A. VariCAD 2D 3D Light Industrial and Mechanical CAD System - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd VariCAD. VariCAD. Table of Contents 1. Reference Manual.

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Varicad Manual En - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Varicad User Manual. Here is a basic tutorial of how to use Blender for paper modeling and a special method for . and then I save the model sheets again as a PDF file from CorelDraw itself when I am done. .. VariCAD – From Modern Visions For Technology. Ⅱ, Any manual or automated whole-website collecting/crawling behaviors are In terms of data exchange with other CAD software, VariCAD.

If only one file is open, you are asked whether to exit the session or to create another new file with the default parameters. You can select whether the 2D or 3D will be displayed.

By default, the component that was ac- tive when the file was saved will be displayed. If the file was created as new or copied to new document window, you must de- fine a valid filename.

Then define a filename. You can save a selected objects to any other supported file type.

If you are in 2D, only 2D objects are inserted. If you are in 3D, only 3D objects are inserted. Selection of 2D objects is described at Selecting, 2D Objects page Selection of 3D solids is described at Selecting Solids page If the session ends unintentionally, you can recover your backup data the next time you use VariCAD.

The list of open files is limited to 10 items. You can save or close any selected file or activate selected file from the list.

Repeatedly used, this function allows you to easily switch between the two files. If the file is created as new or copied to a new document window, you must always define its real name.

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Every user can define his access. Also, in Linux OS, access privileges to different file types are available. You can secure your data by defining access privileges.

Except setting the file. Prior to using VariCAD, it is recommended to set it up according to your needs. The VariCAD environment settings can be modified anytime. The VariCAD environment is created in the directory from which the user starts it by copying configuration files. Then, every user can create different environment by modifying these files in a text editor or directly from VariCAD environment.

See the configuration files overview in: Configuration Files If you can not start VariCAD, read the: Troubleshooting What to Do after the Installation before the First Run If the directory structure for drawings, blocks, symbols and other file types is not created automatically during the installation, run VariCAD and set the file paths using the PTH command, if you do not want to use the given options.

Then you can create the appropriate paths from the operating environment. During each VariCAD startup, the presence of all set directories is checked. In case of their absence, VariCAD offers their creation. Every user can create different environment by modifying these files then. If you want to run VariCAD from the command line from a different directory than the system directory, configuration files are copied to the configuration directory as set in the file paths.

Configuration files are divided to drawing configuration files and system configuration files and they do not influence each other. This division is visible in the Options pull down menu. Configuration Files: system. Both of these are text files and their structure is described in the heading. You can redefine these files by editing Setting Other Graphical Editor Parameters These settings are saved in the system.

Parameters saved here are used each time you run VariCAD, and they are valid till you change them next time. Sound output - sets using the command SOU - the sound can be totally turned off or, if the OS and hardware allow so, you can set its length, intensity and frequency.

The sound output is used whenever the system indicates an alert. Coordinate display method - is set using the APE command. The number of changes to the automatic backup save is set using the BAK command. Icon menu is modified by editing the file imenu. Path setting and access rights to files are set using the PTH command. Path and file access rights are saved in the paths.

They are saved in configuration files system. It is recommended to run them from Options pull down menu. WPST - Setting window properties Settings for dimensions and position of the main window and floating dialog boxes, color palette properties and responding to pressing Alt-F4. There is also an important setting for restoring the area under floating dialog boxes.

SCR - setting screen output This function allows to turn on the output buffer it speeds up drawing in some cases and define 2D circle drawing. PTH - file pathnames 11 12 Using this command, you can set VariCAD paths and define file access privileges, which are created in these directories. If there are multiple options to a given path, the files are searched according to the option sequence stated. When creating files, the files are saved using the first option only. It is not recommended to change the VariCAD system paths and to use them to save your own files.

Choose the defined pathname from the dialog box, enter it and define the access rights based on your needs.

Under Unix, after you enter pathnames to given file types, indicate the access privileges based on selections from the menu - the privileges rights define, whether the file is: -rw-rw-rw- read and write for everybody -rw-rw-r-- read and write for everybody in the workgroup, for others read only -rw-r--r-- read and write for owner, read only for others -rw-rw read and write for everybody in the workgroup -rw-r read and write for owner, for workgroup read only -rw read and write for owner only SOU - sound output The sound output catches user s attention in important moments.

For example, if a wrong task is done during the work with VariCAD incorrect input from the keyboard, required object was not found, Enter the tone length 0 turns the sound output off , frequency in Hz and intensity, or just the sound output yes-no.

Enter the number of changes in the graphical drawing database. After reaching the number, the drawing is automatically saved into the backup file.

progeCAD System Variables

The colors can be changed using the COL command. The settings changed here are saved to the rgb. Then, you can change the color associations to original colors generated during parameter block creating using the COL command. Setting are saved in the cblocks.


You can set the VariCAD colors according to your needs using a dialog box. By changing the entity colors, you change the RGB coordinates, not the color number. When setting the colors that influence a spatial element buttons, sliders and pull down menus , mind the current setting of light and dark title bar.

Colors that contain multiple colors text and text background in pull down menus have to be tested. You can set the parametric block color mechanical part database by replacing the colors in the sub-dialog box by pressing the Block colors button.

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In the dialog box, choose the color you want to change and change its RGB coordinates by moving the slider. When moving, press the mouse selection button. Color changes during the movement. To confirm the change, choose OK. To return to default values, choose Reset. The color palette is saved in the rgb.

PAL - sets color palette You can change the selected color as well as choose another color palette from the predefined color palletes. When modifying color palette, you can create any palette you want and save it for use in various projects. It is recommended to use predefined palettes first.

BTS - input button setting mouse buttons mapping Defines the mouse button function. Enter the number of buttons and define by pressing the appropriate button: - which is the selection button - which is the confirmation button - which buttons runs undo in a command dialog box The button selection allows everybody to modify the input according to his work style or toggle the control for left-handed users.

These settings are stored in the system. Other mouse property settings are invoked using the MPS command. MPS - mouse property setting Allows you to set time intervals when working with mouse and the option of double-clicking when selecting files from directories. KBM - keyboard mapping This function defines the function of keys that do not include letters.

Mapping is saved in the kbdcodes. This function is important when implementing for different hardware than PC. When installing VariCAD the common way, the keys are defined correctly. STR - File and layer name modifications. Allows all the file and layer names to be: - unchanged - converted to uppercase - converted to lowercase - files to converted to lowercase and layers to uppercase Set the input change type, if you always use turned on Caps Lock, as VariCAD distinguishes uppercase and lowercase for layers and Unix distinguishes uppercase and lowercase for file names.

If the layer names are set to uppercase or lowercase, the layer name conversion is done according to the settings not only when entering new layers, but also when opening drawings. You can use this when importing drawings from other systems, e. BMS - design structure settings Sets the design structure display: - text width - maximal width of displayed name - text formatting. Formatted text is justified into columns which are wide enough according to the setting in attribute mask AMA , however, the non-formatted text includes completely all the data.

When displaying the filename, the design structure is displayed using indenting. Also, the font weight is set font boldness.

Set it for normal window size and also for reduced window size x resolution. System does not have to generate all the fonts correctly, so try more alternatives. Everybody can create his own environment by modifying these files.

Also, every user has his defined access pathnames to files in the paths. Going through this really aids in understanding how the iconic language works. The language makes a lot of sense, and screen real estate for icons is well suited for providing control over a strongly visual environment.

However, VariCAD does not have a user-accessible scripting language. This is an important usability feature for users who need to automate key design tasks, such as making variations automatically given a starting or genus mechanical design. The tool will not serve well for users who need or already have large scripting applications for automating their design tasks. The supported capabilities without scripting, however, are enormously powerful.

This feature greatly simplifies generating components for designs. For instance, the components might be fasteners, building blocks in large designs that incorporate custom metal machined parts. It is convenient and fast to create screws, keys, springs, bearings and numerous other types of parts.

All of the components used in a design may then be linked automatically to a very convenient Bill of Materials BOM generator. The file-locking feature supported by the tool is a rather crude form of access control. If a user attempts to access a locked file, typically for an in-use document, contact information is displayed for the user desiring access.A full circle has a start angle of 0 and the end angle of , the start angle can not be less than 0.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The color palette is saved in the rgb. It is all a matter of what you need.

I haven't tried it yet. Only in case of polylines preserves the direction of creating objects the radius may have negative value and the start angle may be greater than the end angle the direction is then clockwise.

The following items are displayed on the right side of the Status Bar: In 2D and 3D, current units in millimeters or inches In 3D, dragging distance or dynamic rotation. It works well enough.

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