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Step Two. “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” What can we believe in? A.A. does not demand belief;. Twelve. Get this from a library! Twelve steps and twelve traditions.. [Alcoholics Anonymous.;]. 7 Step 6 - 8 Step 7 - 9 Step 8 - 10 Step 9 - 11 Step 10 - 12 Step 11 - 13 Step 12 - 14 Tradition 1.

Alcoholics Anonymous

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Nam no nonumes volumus quaerendum, cu meis graeci audiam vis. In ullum ludus evertitur nec. Solum mentitum quo et, no ancillae legendos mel. Quo verear neglegentur et. Drawing on a rich variety of often surprising sources, each day's reading provides not a mere bite but a full meal of thoughts for the coming or just-past day.

I have not so far wanted to fight with it, but I do find Beyond Belief often challenging, sometimes provocative, unfailingly stimulating.

What’s in The Big Book?

The book is aimed at a general Step readership, but it is mindful that there heretofore exist no such aids for unbelievers, freethinkers, and the unconventionally spiritual. Beyond Belief addresses that need in a confident, non-aggressive way. I doubt that any believer will find anything objectionable in its pages.

This believer, for one, finds much that is spiritually helpful. If I have one criticism of this book it is that its musings are too rich. On quite a few pages I wished to pause and think after virtually every sentence. For many, reading Beyond Belief will require a pen or pencil in hand and perhaps a notebook on the side.

The Notes are far more than mere citations, often presenting brief additional discussion and even new material that more frequently than not is as rich as the text itself. In addition to the Notes and Bibliography, the end-matter of Beyond Belief contains a full Index that allows searching out individual musings on just about any topic. Check out May 29, August 8, September 24 or seven other dates.

Polishing your gratitude? Flip to March 2, June 16, November 12 or eleven other dates.

Beyond Belief will enrich anyone interested in living a Step life. Denis K. Vancouver Canada Many thanks for this great book; my Monday night group and I are having some great discussions related to the daily musings both at the group and often during the week over coffee.

All of us were quickly losing interest in the local meetings, Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life gave all of us a much needed spark that has renewed our interest in the fellowship.

Dan N. The readings help re-commit to applying the step principles in my daily life.

It's a thought provoking, mind expanding, enjoyable way to start the day. No arguments about God, no belief systems to defend or attack- just a wealth of rich, thoughtful reflections. Debra, site. I absolutely look forward every morning to reading these reflections.

Been in recovery coming up on 10 years and it took until this book to truly find a daily reflection that fits my spiritual path.By the way, you never really finish reading this book. He also discusses how each step and tradition affects the fellowship of AA.

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Should a properly filed counter notification be filed, you will be notified and have 10 business days within which to file for a restraining order in Federal Court to prevent the reinstatement of the material. For many, reading Beyond Belief will require a pen or pencil in hand and perhaps a notebook on the side.

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