No doubt tº is us -y, Ar-Rahiq Al-Makhtoom (The Sealed Nectar) is a book of great value and praiseworthy work on the l. know that without a doubt i will be successful, because of The Slight Edge. — Jimmy Williams.. PDF. New Cutting Edge Intermediate Students' The Slight Edge PDF Summary is Jeff Olson's simple program which should help you turn simple disciplines into a massive success.

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The Slight Edge is the book that makes every other personal-development book actually work. .. PDF eBook ISBN: SPECIAL SALES. 5 nov. The Slight Edge - documento [*.pdf] Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success JeffOlson Revised Edition “The Slight Edge makes you. The Slight Edge is the book that makes every other personal-development book The Slight Edge is a life philosophy that should be taught as soon as children.

The Simple Philosophy of the Slight Edge 2. The Seven Slight Edge Habits 3. Your actions turn into habits, which develop your character, which, in turn, shapes your destiny.

Published by SUCCESS Books, an imprint of SUCCESS Media. SUCCESS Media is a division

Show up. Show up consistently.

Show up consistently with a positive outlook. Be prepared for and committed to the long haul. Cultivate a burning desire backed by faith.

Be willing to pay the price.

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First, you need to write it down and give the goal both a what and a when i. Finally, start with a plan. May it be as simple as possible in the beginning.

Remember — the point, for now, is to start acting. Like this summary? Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Click To Tweet. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Successful people do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether or not they feel like it.

The journey starts with a single step—not with thinking about taking a step. People on the success curve live a life of responsibility.

When the teachers asked me why I was late, I told them that I was in the bathroom or that I was talking to another teacher about something. They wouldnt bother me after that. I did just enough work to pass, but I made it a point to never let my friends find that out. On the days when I did my homework, I used to give it to the teacher after class so my friends wouldnt see. If they knew, I was sure they would give me a hard time. They would be like, What are you doing the work for?

You think youre better than us? Then my class was divided up. The kids with the worst behavior and grades, including most of my friends, were sent to a different class. Since I didnt have my crew to do things with anymore, I had two choicesI could either not go to school at all, or I could start doing my work. I knew my mother would kill me if I didnt go to school, so I started to go to class every day and began to do my homework on a more regular basis.

My teachers were happy, and so was I. By the time I was in eighth grade, I had worked my way up to a B average. I still felt that I could do better, but I didnt want to get higher grades than most of the people in my class.

I thought they would get mad at me and be like, Oh, now she thinks that shes smarter than me. Soon Jesselin started high school.

Then came ninth grade and a big reality check. I thought that high school was going be a bigger playground than junior high. I was wrong. Even though most of the kids were the same, the atmosphere was very different. It was a brand-new alternative school and there were only about 50 stu- dents in the whole place. Every teacher knew who you were and where you were supposed to be every minute of the day.

I had to do my work because there was no place to hide. My teachers knew that I was smart and saw right through my front of acting like I didnt care. Still, I thought that as long as I handed in a couple 8 Success for Teens of pieces of work they would be satisfied and not bother me. For my whole freshman year, I was constantly told that I could do better. But it just went in one ear and came out the other.

Over the summer after ninth grade, I was talking to a friend who was in college.

He asked me how I was doing in school. I told him that I was doing OK. How OK? I told him I was doing just enough to pass. He asked me why, because he knew I could be at the top of my class if I wanted to be. I told him that I had gotten very lazy.

Then he asked me if I wanted to go to college. I told him that what I really wanted was to get a scholarship so I could go to a college out of state. My friend told me there was no way I was going to get a scholarship. He even told me to forget about college at all, because I probably wouldnt finish high school the way I was going.

He put so much fear in me that I spent the rest of that summer thinking about what he said. It was the same thing my teachers had been telling me for years. It finally started to sink in. For a long time, it had been my dream to be the first one in my family to graduate from high school and go to college. Now I realized that I was going to have to work to make that dream come true.

The Slight Edge

Jesselin began to change. For all of 10th grade, I did nothing but work. Breaking my lazy habits was the hardest thing I have ever done. I had to get used to doing my homework every night, not just when I felt like it. And I had to make a lot of sacrifices. I couldnt sit home and watch TV all day. I hardly listened to music. And I didnt see a lot of my friends outside of school. They would say, Jesse, lets go down- town so I can go download this shirt or, Lets go downtown and just chill.

And I was always saying, No, I cant, I have to stay after school and finish my work. So, here I am, a junior almost ready for collegenot at all ashamed of how bright I am, and not caring who knows it. It feels like the good girl I once had inside me has come back. Jesselin learned that success can mean going against whats popular and sacrificing for what you really want.

She started doing the little, positive Little Things Matter 9 things even when she didnt feel like it. She started to believe in herself and in what she knew was most important. And she started using that knowl- edge, even if other people were telling her something different. Instead of just knowing the right things to do, Jesselin actually did them. And she grew as a person and made herself a better life.

Action Steps Is there something you know you should be doing that youre not doing? Whats stopping you from taking that small, positive step? Point 3: The Ripple Effect Youve heard the expressions timing is everything or he was in the right place at the right time.

What that means is that by doing the small, positive things, you increase the chances that other positive things will happen to you. Its like tossing a rock into a pondyoull see a splash and the ripples spread- ing out, but those ripples can go far beyond what you see. They can go all the way to the opposite shore. Its the same thing in life, although you often dont see the ripples until something good happens or something not so good.

For better or for worse, even your smallest actions create a ripple effect that has a huge impact on you and the people around you, even when you dont see it or arent aware of it. Jordan Schwartz, 14, of Marietta, Georgia, knows from experience that when you do a simple, positive thing, you never know where it will lead.

A few years ago she was traveling with her family and passing through an airport. There was a woman there who had lost all her travel papers and she didnt speak one word of English. She was Spanish-speaking. My mother, who speaks Spanish, noticed something was going on and went over and offered her services. And she helped the woman get her forms filled out 10 Success for Teens Chapter 1 and on her way. It was all done in about a half-hour, with my mom step- ping up to the plate, when it would have taken an hour with a translator.

That incident made a big impact on Jordan, because it made her think about helping others. Some people think that community is just your town or your city.

Its bigger than thata sense of community means a sense of right and wrong, a sense of what to do in certain situations. Jordan kept thinking about what happened in the airport when she got home. At the time she was raising money for a local police canine unit.

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

She just wanted to donate the money, but the police commissioner invited her to make a speech about her project. After it was over, the commissioner thanked me, said I did a great job, and said if I ever needed anything in the future to please let him know. So I took him up on his word. Ever since her mother helped the Spanish-speaking woman, Whe n yo u do Jordan had been thinking po sitiv e th ings , it small, about peoples attitudes about se s the ch an ce s that other increa bilingualism, or speaking e th in gs w ill ha ppen to you.

Like her mother, Jordan speaks both English and Spanish, and she decided to start a bilingual theater for children to teach tolerance and acceptance of everyone, no matter what language they speak. When the police commissioner asked if she needed anything, she told him about her idea and asked for his help.

The Slight Edge PDF Summary

Little Things Matter 11 The commissioner helped Jordan get permission to use school auditori- ums to stage her productions.

And that started her theater project on its way. I was sending e-mails and putting flyers in the windows of local shops and businesses. After about a week or two of that, I started getting calls from people who wanted to help.

Today, Jordans projectcalled the Childrens Bilingual Theaterputs on several theater productions each year, in both English and Spanish, involv- ing more than young people. When you take a small, positive step, you never know where it will lead.

But if you take that first step, the chances are great that more positive things will happen to you. Have you seen the ripple effect in your own life? Have you ever taken a positive step that led to another positive thing for you? But however you define it, the slight edge basically means doing the right thing at the right moment. Thats where it all starts, and that often takes a lot of courage.

When she was a senior in high school, Chantel hated a girl named Kim. Kim was dark-skinned, with short hair she often wore in braided exten- sions.

She was loud for no good reason and would get nasty with you in a heartbeat!You Will Also Like: But however you define it, the slight edge basically means doing the right thing at the right moment. Yes, update me on great books! People on the success curve live a life of responsibility. But if you take that first step, the chances are great that more positive things will happen to you.

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